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The 3R’s are a sister trio based in Ghana, West Africa, who were challenged by their entrepreneur parents to create a range of products in response to the lack of representation that they found when looking for activities that matched their interests, both in print and online. With both Nigerian and Ghanaian parents, the 3R’s wanted to create something that reflected the rich culture of Africa and create content that inspires pride in children just like them, both on the continent and in the diaspora, but also as an avenue to share the wonders of Africa with people far beyond its golden shores.

The 3R’s go on a Ghanaian Safari

The 3R’s go on a Ghanaian Safari

This is the first colouring book in the series from 3R’s World. The book takes you on an adventure with Ryley and her two older sisters as they leave the bright lights of the Accra Metropolis for the tranquility of Mole National Park where they embark on a safari and meet with a variety of wildlife and pick up some history on their way.

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Can't wait to receive my pre-order. I'm loving the free printable and glad to see kids that look like me in a colouring book.

Afua, Accra

Your comics on IG are amazing! My kids love to read them. We are going to have so much fun with this book. Launch it already!

AbaArchitect & Mom

Loved the sample page. Can't wait to have my hands on the book. My boy will love it!

KojoLawyer & Dad


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